Home Wealth Management Why 55.6% of Canadians lie about their salaries

Why 55.6% of Canadians lie about their salaries

Why 55.6% of Canadians lie about their salaries

The first motive for inflating salaries, as cited by 37.8 p.c of individuals, is to realize negotiating leverage. This tactic is commonly employed in job interviews, the place disclosing a better present wage might doubtlessly safe a greater provide, albeit on the danger of problems if the reality surfaces.  

On the opposite aspect, 28.4 p.c deflate their wage to keep away from jealousy or resentment within the office, highlighting the sensitivity of wage discussions amongst friends

The survey additional categorized the explanations for wage inflation, with social standing and picture (22.2 p.c), and household and social expectations (12.5 p.c), following negotiation leverage as widespread causes. These findings underscore the societal pressures and private insecurities that drive people to misrepresent their monetary standing. 

Among the many cities, Ottawa stands out, with 63.4 p.c of its residents admitting to wage dishonesty.  

Notably, a good portion of Ottawans and Saskatoon residents exaggerate their salaries by $10,000, pointing in direction of a widespread tendency to hunt approval or keep away from office rigidity by way of monetary misrepresentation. 


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